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All products are weighed before cutting.

USDA Beef Products 


Beef Boneless Strip Loin

$8.99/lb choice

$12.95/lb prime

Average weight 12-15# Can be cut into strip steaks or left as a roast.

Beef Bone In Strip Loin

$8.99/lb choice

$12.95/lb prime

Average weight 20-25# Can be cut into strip steaks or left as a roast.

Beef Short Ribs 

$6.95/lb choice

14-16oz per piece 


Beef Short Loin

$8.95/lb choice 

$14.95/lb prime

Average weight 10-16# (half) Average weight 22-23# (Whole) Can be cut into Porterhouse steaks and T-bone steaks.

Top Sirloin Butt

$4.95/lb choice

$6.55/lb prime

Average Weight 10-16# Can be cut into boneless butt steaks or left as a roast.


 Beef Flank Steaks

$7.95/lb choice

Average weight 2-3# Flavorful and great for grilling

Beef Boneless Prime Rib/ Ribeye $9.99/lb choice

$14.95/lb prime

Average weight 12-17# Can be cut into ribeye steaks or left as a roast.

Beef Bone In Prime Rib/Ribeye

$9.55/lb choice

$14.95/lb prime

Average weight 16-20# 7-Bones per rib. Can be cut into ribeye steaks or left as a roast.

Beef Skirt Steaks

$10.95/lb choice

Average weight 6# bag. Peeled and ready to serve. Great for fajitas or steak. 


Beef Tenderloin

$13.95/lb choice

$18.95/lb prime

Average Weight 5-7# Can be cut into filet mignons or left as a Chateau Briand roast. 

Beef Sirloin Tip Roast

$6.55/lb choice

Average weight 3-6# A very flavorful roast that is great for small families.


Beef Stew

$5.95/lb choice

5# bag Extra Lean and Tender 


Beef Boneless Pot Roast

$4.55/lb choice

Average Weight 4-20# Juicy and flavorful roast.

Beef Eye Of Round Roast $3.75/lb choice

Average weight 4-8# Extra lean and flavorful roast.


Beef Steak Ends

$5.95/lb choice

Steak pieces that are great for Shish-ka-bobs, starry, and stew.


Beef Brisket

$3.99/lb choice

$4.99/lb prime

$5.99/lb wagu

Average weight 12-15# Great for roasting or smoking.

Beef Triangles

$5.95/lb choice

Average weight 12-18# 5 pieces per bag. London Broil Roast.


 Beef Hanging Tenders 

$5.95/lb choice

Average weight 5# Hanger steaks.

 Ground Sirloin Patties/ Burgers $4.95/lb choice

4/1 6# box 24pc. per box 

3/1 6# box 18pc per box

2/1 10# box 20pc per box

Ground Sirloin 

Individual pound $4.09/lb choice

10# bag $3.99/lb choice

Sold by the pound or save by buying a 10# bag. 

Beef Cubed Steaks

$5.95/lb choice

2 pieces in a 1# pack.


 Cooked Sliced Beef With Ajus $6.55/lb

5# bag 

Corned Beef Brisket

$4.55/lb choice

Average weight 10-20#

Cooked Sliced Corned Beef $6.55/lb

5# bag Great for corned beef sandwiches.


Tender Tips


2-2.5# pack. Beef tenderloin chunks.

Tender Tails


1# pack. Tails from the beef tenderloin. 2 tails per the pack.

Beef Oxtails


2-3# pack. Easy trim.


If whole beef loins are too much, We also sell our steaks individually.

Filets, Porterhouse,Rib Eyes, and Strips.

Call for pricing.


Pork Products


 Pork Loin Bone In $2.59/lb

Average weight 12-15# Center Cut. Can be cut into chops, roasts, or made into a crown roast.

Pork Loin Boneless $1.99/lb

Average weight 8-10# Can be cut into chops or roasts. 

Pork Baby Back Ribs

$4.55/lb for slab

$4.45/lb for case

Average weight 2# a slab. Mouthwatering ribs are already skinned and sold by slab or 32# case. Cases have 16 slabs. 

 Pork Spare Ribs $1.99/lb

Average weight 3# a slab

Pork Tenderloin $4.95/lb

Average weight 1# each. Roast them or cut into medallions. 

Pork Chops Center Cut $4.95/lb

Sold 2 per pack either 8oz or 16oz 

 Pork Butt/Shoulder Bone In $1.69/lb

2 6-8# pieces per bag average weight 12-16#

Pork Butt/ Shoulder Boneless $1.79/lb

2 6-8# pieces per bag average weight 12-16# 

 Pork Cushion Meat $1.89/lb

Average weight 10# bag. Great for pulled pork.

 Smoked Butt $4.95/lb

Average weight 3-5#

Sliced Bacon $4.95/lb

Extra lean sliced bacon 1# packs 

Slab Bacon $4.95/lb

Peer's thick sliced slab bacon 2.5# pack 

 Pork Sausage Links $2.89/lb

Whittingham's own 3# box with 48 links per box.

Pork Sausage Patties $2.89/lb

Whittingham's own 2# box with 16 patties per box.


Ground Pork $2.89/lb

Sold in 1# packs

Whittingham Bone In Ham $4.99/lb

Average weight 12-17# half 18-20# whole Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed.

Whittingham Boneless Ham $5.95/lb

Average weight 6-8# half ham 10-12# whole ham Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed.

Rib Tips


10# box or 30# case.

Pork Belly

Skin On $3.95/lb

Skinless $4.50/lb

10-12# per piece. Needs to be ordered couple days in advance.

If you are looking for any other pork items just ask out butcher.


Whole Pigs range from 30-200 pounds. They are perfect for your next pig roast. Order in advance.

Call for pricing.


Poultry Products

 Whole Chicken Fryers $1.59/lb

Average weight 3 1/2#

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $2.49/lb

 Jumbo Chicken Wings $2.79/lb

10# bag or 40# case.


 Spiral Sliced Honey Glazed Turkey Breast $5.95/lb

average weight 8#

Random Chicken Breast


10# bag

Party Wings/ Portion Wings


10# bag or 40# case.

Whole Turkey


Frozen $1.89/lb

Fresh $2.39/lb

Average weight 12-28#. Fresh turkeys available upon order.

Turkey Breast

Boneless $4.55/lb 

Average weight 10#

Bone In $3.85/lb

Average Weight 12-20#

If you are looking for any other poultry items just ask our butcher.


Deli Products

 Eisenberg All Beef Hotdogs $4.95/lb

2# packs 4-1

We do have 4-1,5-1,6-1, and 8-1 hotdogs available by the 10#case.

 Canadian Bacon $5.95/lb Leon's Andouille Sausage $5.95/pack
  Hard Salami $5.95/lb  Mickleberry Boneless Ham $4.85/lb  Usinger Liver Sausage $5.95/lb
 Tom Tom Tamales $1.00/each

 Whittingham's Homemade Italian Sausage


Whittingham's Homemade Polish Sausage



Seafood Products I.Q.F.

 Grouper $12.95/lb 

8oz each

 Tilapia $4.95/lb

8oz each

 Shrimp $14.95/lb

2# bags Already cooked Size 16/20

 Salmon $10.95/lb

8oz each

 Catfish $5.95/lb

8oz each

 Tuna $9.95/lb

8oz each

 Mahi Mahi $9.95/lb

8oz each

 Orange Roughy $12.95/lb

8oz each

  King Crab Legs $27.95/lb

 Halibut $17.50/lb

8oz each

 Lobster Tails

8oz $23.95/lb

16-20oz $27.95/lb

If you are looking for any other seafood Items just ask our butcher.




Lamb and Veal Products

Lamb Loins $7.95/lb

Average weight 8-10# Cut for Lamb Chops

Lamb Leg Bone In $6.95/lb

Average weight 12-14#

Lamb Leg Boneless $8.95/lb

Average weight 8-10#

Lamb Shank $5.95/lb

Average weight 1 1/2# each, sold raw, for gourmet cooking.

New Zealand Lamb Rack $17.50/lb

Average weight 18-32oz each

Ground Lamb $6.95/lb

Sold in 1# packs 

Whole Lamb $5.95/lb

Needs to be ordered in ahead of time. Average weight 40#

Whole Goat $6.95/lb

Needs to be ordered ahead of time. Average weight 40#

Veal Luncheon Steaks $5.95/lb

2 pieces per pack. Great for veal parmesan.

Veal Leg Slices $12.95/lb

3oz slices pounded and ready to use. Individually sealed.

Veal Liver Slices $11.95/lb

4oz slices, 2 per pack for everyday gourmet cooking.

Veal Osso Buco $15.95/lb

2 pieces 2" each. Sold raw for gourmet cooking

Veal Rib Chops $21.50/lb

12-14oz chops just like you get at a restaurant.

Ground Veal $5.95/lb

Sold in 1# packs

Other veal items are available just ask our butcher.

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