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Meat Packing To our wholesale customers:  A full line of USDA Prime, Choice, Angus, Dry-Aged, Kobe and Select beef cuts is readily available.  Our beef is aged for 30 days to guarantee a perfectly tender steak every time.  Below are just some of the items we carry.


Please contact us for selection, pricing and availability.


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Beef - Sub Primal and Portion Control Chicken - Tyson, Brakebush and Snowball
Pork - Supreme Trim and Solution Added Bacon and Ham
Lamb - USDA Prime and Choice Colorado, Australian and New Zealand Sausages and Deli Meats
Veal - Specially Fed and Australian Wild Game
Poultry - Organic Amish  




Beef - Sub Primal and Portion Control

Sub Primal Portion Control
Top Inside Round Strip Steak (boneless/bone-in)
Steamship Round Porterhouse Steak
PSMO Tenderloin T-Bone Steak
Boneless Strip Loin Tenderloin Steak (boneless/bone-in)
Top Butt Steak Top Butt Steak
Rib Eye Steak (boneless/bone-in) Rib Eye Steak (boneless/bone-in)
Ball Tips Flat Iron Steak
Triangles Tenderloin Medallions
Skirt Steak (inner/outer) Tenderloin Tails and Tips
Flank Steak Skirt Steak (portioned)
Short Ribs Beef for Stew
Oxtails Cubed Steak
Chuck Rolls Ground Beef
Beef Flats Ground Beef Patties
Knuckles Sliced Liver
Hanging Tenders Hoagies
Eye Rounds Chopped Steak
Beef Bones Salisbury Steak
Beef Brisket Meatballs
Corned Beef Brisket  
Corned Beef Rounds  
Corned Beef Flats  
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Pork - Supreme Trim and Solution Added

Pork Loin (whole bone in, 20dn) Pork Chops (custom cut, loin-in, Frenched, etc.)
Pork Loin CC (bone-in) Pork Chops (boneless)
Pork Loin Canadian (boneless) Pork Racks (Frenched)
Pork Loin Brt Pork Crown Roast
Pork Tenderloin Pork Steaks
Pork Butt (bone-in/boneless) Pork Shanks (Osso Buco, French)
Pork Backribs (skinned, 1.25 - 2.5 dn) Pork Ribs (country style)
Pork Backrib Pieces Pork Cubed Steaks (also breaded)
Pork St. Louis Ribs Pork Riblette Sandwich
Pork Cushion Meat Ground Pork
Pork Blade Meat Diced Pork for Stew
Pork Fresh Ham Pork Hocks (smoked/fresh)
Pork Neck Bones Danish Ribs

Lamb - USDA Prime and Choice Colorado, Australian and New Zealand

Lamb Whole Loin Chops
Lamb Saddle Rib Chops (Frenched)
Lamb Loins (trimmed/block ready) Shanks (Frenched)
Lamb Legs (bone-in/brt boneless) Sirloin Steak
Lamb Shanks Porterhouse
Lamb Sirloin T-Bone
Lamb Racks (whole/Frenched, 12/14 to 28 up) Lamb Ribs
Lamb Short Loin Lamb Bones
Lamb Tenderloins  
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Veal - Specially Fed and Australian

Veal Leg Rib Chops (Frenched or not)
Veal Racks (chop ready) Medallions
Veal Insides (cap on/off) Diced Veal
Veal Sirloin Butts Liver Slices
Veal Rib Eye Veal Patties (breaded)
Veal Strip Loin Veal Luncheon Meats
Veal Short Loin Leg Slices
Veal Eye of Round Osso Buco
Veal Short Tenders Porterhouse/T-Bone
Veal Sweetbreads Demi Glace
Veal Liver Veal Breast
Veal Bones (soft/hard)  

Poultry - Organic Amish

Frying Chicken (whole/cut up) Chicken Breasts (fresh, frozen, bone-in, sized bnls, random bnls, skin-on, skinless)
Chicken Breasts (airline) Chicken Wings (regular, jumbo, portioned, drummies)
Chicken Thighs (bone-in, boneless) Chicken Legs
Chicken Drumsticks Diced Chicken (white/dark)
Chicken Tenderloins Pulled Chicken (white/dark)
Chicken Livers Chicken Chunks (fresh)
Chicken Bones Chicken Feet
Chicken Backs Chicken Gibs
Cornish Hens Pheasant
Quail Capons
Squab Goose
Turkeys (whole) Turkey Drums (fresh/smoked)
Turkey Breast (bone-in) Turkey Thighs (bone-in/boneless)
Turkey Breast (boneless, foil wrapped) Turkey Tenderloins
Turkey Breast Cooked Turkey Wings (fresh/smoked)
Turkey Breast Smoked Turkey Tails (smoked)
Turkey Sausage Turkey Ground and Patties
Turkey Pastrami Turkey Franks
Duckling Whole Duck Legs
Duck Bones Duckling Halves Cooked
Duck Breasts Duck Liver
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Chicken - Tyson, Brakebush and Snowball

Country Krisp Chicken (4 pieces) Wing Ditties Wings
Honey Touched Chicken (4 pieces) Breaded Tenderloins
Natural Breast Filets Inferno Wings
Chicken Patties Chicken Nuggets

Bacon and Ham

Bone-In Ham (Peer, Gusto, Hillshire, Emge) Bone-In Ham (spiral sliced)
Boneless Buffet Ham (Mickleberry, Kretschmar, Banjo, Sara Lee) Boneless Pit Ham (Farmland, Peer, Banjo)
Boneless Slicing Ham, 4x6 (Krakus, Ole Warsaw) Serrano Ham
Proscuitto Ham Capicollo (hot/sweet)
Bacon Lay Out (Apple Cured, Peer, Plumrose, Oscar Mayer, Farmland) Bacon Shingle (Peer)
Bacon Slab Canadian Bacon (Peer)
Smoked Butts (Peer, Roses)  
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Deli Meats

Sausages and Deli Meats

Whittingham Italian (bulk, rope, link) Whittingham Polish (rope)
Whittingham Bratwurst (link) Whittingham Garlic Sausage (rope)
Bratwurst (Johnsonville, Klements, Randolph, Leon) Hot Dogs (David Berg, Vienna, Best Kosher, Leon, Oscar Mayer)
Cocktail Franks Chorizo
Andouille Knockwurst
Thuringer Smoked Polish (New Packing, Leon, David Berg, Vienna)
Italian Deli Sausages (Capicollo, Mortadella, Panchetta, Salami, etc.) Pork Sausage Links and Patties (Whittingham, Peer, Farmland)
German Sausages (Guttenberg, Luxemburg, etc.) Bologna
Roast Beef (cooked/sliced) Corned Beef (briskets/rounds)
Gyros (cones or slices)  

Wild Game

We have a full line of wild game items available, from Buffalo to Antelope. Contact us for a complete list.

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